The Crescent City. The City that Care Forgot.

For as long as anybody remembers, New Orleans has been a carefree place to relax, let loose and enjoy life. While the rest of the world goes on spinning, here in the Big Easy, the wine flows, the dice roll and the pleasures come slow and steady as molasses. Nothing is difficult here unless it has to be, and yet nothing is free, either. Nothing is ever free.

This is the lesson that Alex Barnes begins to learn as she discovers that mankind isn't alone. It never was. The monsters have always been there, lurking so closely that you'd have felt their breath on your neck--if they could breath. They habitat the bloated underbelly of this Camelot of Vice; between the shadows of the streetlights, in the alleys and the lofty penthouses that rise above the foggy streets. They are linked to each other by blood, unruly broods and ancient dynasties alike; a society of monsters on the edge of destruction who are expecting us for dinner.

Caught in the middle of an ancient war that threatens to drown the Crescent City in a sea of blood, Alex must find a way to stop the evil creeping in the shadows, lest she herself fall into that darkness.

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Alex Barnes is an eccentric, rebellious, charming girl with a surprising knack for the occult. Finding herself in the middle of a vampire war, Alex is only just starting to come into her own as not only a hero, but as an adult. She has recently discovered she has the power of Telekinesis.


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